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mHUB is Chicago's innovation center for physical product development and manufacturing.

mHUB galvanizes Chicago's manufacturing ecosystem  and vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs, bringing innovative ideas to life, attracting world-class talent, and driving greater productivity and profit. 

Product Innovation

mHUB's members create breakthrough products in robotics, connected devices, sensors, energy tech, unmanned vehicles, and other cutting edge innovations. By providing the right resources, mentorship, and access to manufacturing industry insiders, mHUB helps early-stage innovators go from prototype to product to sustainable business, driving a greater likelihood of success.


mHUB's community consists of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors, mentors, engineers, and designers, as well as education and industry partners. This diversity of backgrounds and perspectives sparks innovation and leads to opportunities for creative collision and collaboration.

Equipment & Laboratories

mHUB's state-of-the-art 63,000 square-foot facility features 10 unique fabrication centers to make the product development cycle as efficient/seamless as possible. We provide nearly $2,000,000 in resources for product design and rapid prototyping including a 3D printing lab, electronics labs, a metal shop and more. We also have a microfactory for onsite low-volume production runs.

Education & Mentorship

mHUB offers a robust combination of events, workshops, classes, seminars, and other programs for our members and the public. Our vetted mentors bring years of experience in manufacturing, business, mechanical and electrical engineering, design and legal services to turn new product ideas into scalable businesses.

mHUB values the scrappiness of the maker and the discipline of the manufacturer. Together, we ensure that Chicago’s legacy remains that of a beacon to a region that builds products, and also the future.

mHUB is the "final piece of the manufacturing puzzle" according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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    Co-working Space

    Affordable co-working space tailored to your team’s size and budget.

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    Production Labs

    10 fabrication labs including electronics, rapid prototyping, testing, and a wood shop.

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    PROGRAMMING & Events

    A robust calendar of workshops, roundtables, talks and other events.

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    Micro Factory

    Onsite low volume production runs as you move from prototype to product.

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    One-on-one office hours with manufacturing and industry experts.

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    Supportive community of entrepreneurial visionaries from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines.

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