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3/29/2020 General Tech/Engineering Stemloop ,Inc. Handheld device for COVID-19 diagnostics View
3/18/2020 Electrical kizmah Need help building a PCB board View
1/31/2020 General Tech/Engineering reentel international inc Design/Fabrication Assistant View
1/28/2020 Software Ekta IoT device maker wanted! View
12/12/2019 General Tech/Engineering Innervo Technology ,Inc. Medical Device Assembly Job available at Innervo View
12/11/2019 General Tech/Engineering Caporus Technologies Coating and Printing Process Development View
11/26/2019 Marketing Jeff Faye Consulting Product Launch PR/Marketing Help View
10/23/2019 General Tech/Engineering ChipKick Fabrication Services Offered View
10/4/2019 General Tech/Engineering Shieldmark Inc. Mighty Line Floor Tape Applicator Cutting Attachment View
8/29/2019 Business PedalCell Contracting Business/Marketing Services View
8/15/2019 General Tech/Engineering Orbital Transports Need to fabricate plastic casing for a prototype robot View
8/11/2019 Mechanical BloWall Im looking for bids to design in CAD a tool thats approx the size of a drill View
7/31/2019 Software WRIGO BigCommerce Store Setup View
7/30/2019 Marketing G75 I need a 30 second video shot. View
7/15/2019 Electrical E-Muffs Co-Founder / Electrical Engineer View
7/15/2019 Marketing G75 Indiegogo Campaign Strategist View
7/11/2019 Industrial Design G75 Need some quick relatively simple CAD renderings of watchbands and pocket watches View
6/19/2019 General Tech/Engineering Energetically ,PBC Design and prototyping of valves and pumps View
5/16/2019 General Tech/Engineering University of Illinois at Chicago Looking for full time opportunity for just graduated bioenginner View
5/8/2019 General Tech/Engineering Design Experience Lab Mechanical Engineering Freelancer Needed View
4/29/2019 Electrical Amper Technologies Cable Soldering For Sensors View
4/29/2019 General Tech/Engineering JrSpeech Making one to a few wooden puzzles for children View
4/9/2019 General Tech/Engineering Ned's Island Design/Build Prototype for a new consumer kitchen device View
3/28/2019 Concept Innovations Group Textile/Sewing View
3/27/2019 Mechanical IntuiTap Medical, Inc. Device Industrial Design View
3/18/2019 General Tech/Engineering Marmon CAD work - interior store front View
3/12/2019 Verde Technical Products Seamstress Needed View
3/1/2019 Electrical Chicago Technical Media Replace power jack in a laptop View
2/28/2019 Sales United Conveyor Corporation Product Engineer View
2/6/2019 Software Marmon Group LLC - mHub ESP32 Development View
1/17/2019 Electrical 642Tech Need help with design of flow meter View
1/10/2019 General Tech/Engineering N/A Silicone Product CAD Designing Help Needed View
12/20/2018 General Tech/Engineering NeuEve Laser Cutting a Sign for a Wedding View
12/18/2018 Administrative NextWaveSTEM Assistant View
11/5/2018 Mesh++ Industrial/product design for an electronic device View
10/26/2018 Sewing Champion Tailgate Create three textile prototypes, 1 storage cover and 2 bags View
10/24/2018 General Tech/Engineering mHUB Robot programming for automation applications View
10/11/2018 Mechanical True Autonomy LLC Enclosure prototype View
10/11/2018 Marketing True Autonomy LLC Branding / Booth posters View
10/3/2018 Thomas McLeish We need illustrations for a patent filing View
10/3/2018 Sales United Conveyor Corporation Product Engineer View
9/23/2018 Luft Studio Inc. Help move our garage View
9/13/2018 General Tech/Engineering Mesodyne (through Argonne National Lab's CRI program) Seeking industrial designer for looks-like prototype View
9/13/2018 General Tech/Engineering CareBand Quality & Test Engineer View
9/10/2018 Electrical Brooks Stevens, Inc Motor Control - prototype support View
9/7/2018 Chicago Composite Initiative Trade AutoCAD/Revit lessons for carbon fiber lessons View
9/4/2018 General Tech/Engineering electromagnet design View
8/27/2018 Artist / Designer / Illustrator For Hire View
8/17/2018 Test View
7/31/2018 General Tech/Engineering United Conveyor Corporation Make Casting Prototypes out of HK-40 High Temp Alloy View
7/17/2018 NextWaveSTEM Intro to 3D Printing Instructor View
7/17/2018 NextWaveSTEM Coding and Circuitry Instructor View
7/17/2018 NextWaveSTEM Coding with Drones Instructor View
7/17/2018 NextWaveSTEM Intro to Robotics Instructor View
7/17/2018 NextWaveSTEM Airplanes and Drones Instructor View
6/26/2018 General Tech/Engineering United Conveyor Corporation CFD Modeling Capabilities View
6/25/2018 Mechanical D20 Robotics Liquor Robotics Product Design View
6/25/2018 Luft Studio Inc. Cnc (with experience) need by tomorrow! View
6/7/2018 Product Development Consulting Koning Engineering Product Development Consulting View
5/30/2018 Operations Cat Matter Co. Cat Matter Needs You! View
5/4/2018 General Tech/Engineering NextWaveSTEM Teach Robotics To Elementary/Middle School Students View
5/3/2018 Rhino specialist Luft Studio Inc. Rhino user needed to help design 3d model View
5/2/2018 General Tech/Engineering University of Illinois at Chicago Available to help in Solidworks View
5/1/2018 Marketing Prima Materia and Don Johnston Inc Marketing Guru View
4/27/2018 Model Building United Conveyor Build Scale Model of Equipment Skid View
4/27/2018 hand fabrication work mHUB Rush Help - Clean stickers off product View
4/25/2018 General Tech/Engineering Osteometix, Inc. 3D Designer View
4/19/2018 General Tech/Engineering Prima Materia Help with CNC Fusion or SolidWorks View
4/18/2018 Electrical Engr, Mechanical Engr, Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Operations Self Universal Solar Shade Kit Prototype and Manufacturing View
4/16/2018 Business Orlynbock Design Professional Liability Insurance View
3/19/2018 Mayu Finger Drummer / Electronic Drummer View
3/17/2018 Textiles Mayu Seamstress View
3/17/2018 Electrical Mayu Soldering Technician View
3/5/2018 General Tech/Engineering Self Engineer Contracting Services View
3/2/2018 General Tech/Engineering NextWaveSTEM Teach 3D printing to elementary students View
2/19/2018 Mechanical mHUB Umbrella Holder View
2/6/2018 Mechanical Amber Prototype Big Box Screen (Metal Screen Base + Wooden Sides) Welding Required View
2/1/2018 Mechanical Self Looking for 1:1 skill training (starting with 101). View
1/26/2018 General Tech/Engineering mHUB Wall Art: Chicago Flag View

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