Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the membership rates?

    Type                              Monthly Rate        

    Shop                               $200

    Shared Workspace         $335

    Reserved Desk               $445

    Learn more on our Plans and Benefits page. Daily passes are available for $35 per day. We have a limited number of personal and team offices. Drop us a note through the Contact Us page to learn more.   

  • Are materials included in membership?

    Materials aren't included in membership, but we do have a convenient on-site materials store where members can purchase them. Our Shop staff can also guide members on the most cost-effective sources for any unique materials not on-site.

  • Are members allowed to have visitors?

    Yes, members are welcome to have visitors in our Shared Workspace. Members also have access to book conference rooms to conduct meetings with members and non-members, alike. The Shop is the only space in mHUB off-limits to visitors (unless they are on-site for a scheduled tour). 

  • Can I host my event at mHUB?

    mHUB has over 5000 square feet of premiere event space. Our large event space is perfect for networking events, panels, corporate meetings and gatherings. We also have several smaller classroom and conference rooms great for private meetings, classes/trainings, and small meetups. Every year mHUB hosts more than 300 events in our space. We see everything from meetup groups, to hackathons, to corporate networking events. 

    We host events that are compatible with our commitment to growth in the manufacturing innovation ecosystem. 

    To submit a request form to host your event at mHUB, click here

  • Do members get automatic access to the Shop?

    Only members who have completed safety training are allowed in the Shop, where the labs and equipment are.  Shop Safety Training occurs weekly, so members have opportunities to gain Shop access on an ongoing basis. Training is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour, and covers lab safety and how to use specific equipment.

    Due to COVID-19, all shop trainings are now virtual. 

  • How can I apply to be a member of mHUB?

    Apply to mHUB here.

  • How many startups can mHUB accommodate?

    mHUB will serve hundreds of entrepreneurs at any given time. We expect to nurture hundreds of new companies that will create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue.

  • How will startups be selected for membership?

    We are now accepting applications for membership to mHUB via the mHUB website. The review process seeks to identify the most promising physical product design innovators who demonstrate the potential to succeed in executing their vision. Potential members supply their business plan, a market analysis and a summary of their current progress. Key performance indicators will be reviewed biannually to ensure that there continues to be a fit between members and mHUB.

  • What do the M's of mHUB stand for?

    The Ms are purposefully ambiguous and represent many things related to our dynamic ecosystem. Think:

    Manufacture. Make. Machines. Markets. Mentor. Midwest. Members. Momentum.

  • What types of labs, workshops and tools are available at mHUB?

    mHUB features 10 unique fabrication centers to aid in product design and rapid prototyping, including:

         3D Printing


         Laser Cutting

         Metal Fabrication

         Plastic Molding



         Welding and Grinding

         Wet Lab

         Wood Shop     

    We also have a microfactory for onsite low-volume production runs. Learn more about mHUB's physical resources on our Equipment and Labs page.

  • Who are the community players involved in mHUB?

    The range of mHUB partners across the ecosystem is part of what makes this opportunity exciting:

    Universities, including Northwestern University and the Illinois Tech, bring research and talent.

    Manufacturers, such as our first corporate partners  GE Ventures, Marmon, The Chamberlain Group, AskPower, Wiegel Toolworks, will not only use our facilities, but also present industry-specific needs for our community of entrepreneurs to address.

    Manufacturing associations Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) and the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) for instance, connect entrepreneurs to the manufacturing sector and help scale.

    A robust entrepreneurial community of technologists, physical product development engineers and designers, and makers bring new ideas and processes to drive innovation.

    Early-stage investors eager for opportunities will supply capital and support.

    Education partners, such as Chicago Public Schools, develop STEM and Career Technical Education (CTE; formerly vocational education) skills in Chicago’s student population.

    Neighborhood partners bring diversity to our community, including BWISE, NSBE, Women Tech Founders, etc.

    Technology partners, such as Keysight, Argonne Labs and UL, provide members with access to software, research, tools and testing equipment.

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